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The difference between “good” and “great”

It is hard to argue with diversity. We have carefully selected our team members, over the course of more than 20 years, from different countries and jurisdictions, to maximise the experience available to our clients. We literally have centuries of practical experience in our offices—each member of which is an expert in their own specialised area of accounting.

If a customer calls with a technical query and their account representative doesn’t have an immediate answer, within his or her arm’s reach are dozens of others. They have more collective experience than you’ll find with nearly any other company, ready to instantly provide definitive answers to remarkably obscure questions.

Conducting business with Cardiff or Glasgow or London is straightforward.  Trying to figure out transshipping, and how to use Free Trade Zones in China, Singapore, the UAE, or Japan could lead to costly errors. If any part of your business takes you outside of the UK, PushDigits can be your best resource to minimise your exposure to taxes and duties.

We’re more than “International”

We cover the entire business spectrum, too, no matter whether you’re entirely local, or have offices around the globe. We have experts in tax strategies for movie production, internet media, television, precious metals, investments, insurance, banking, gems & gold, petroleum development, renewable power creation, real estate, luxury merchandise, shipping & transportation companies, commodities, perishable produce…and the list goes on!

Our Talented Crew

Having more than 50 top-ranked, fully-qualified Chartered Accountants on tap means that we’re always ready to solve your problems, 24/7/365! We don’t take holidays and we never rest—we’re here when you need us.

The Right People

Your account will be assigned to an appropriate expert, having background in taxes, auditing, company set-up, acquisition/development, divestment, or any appropriate combination. He, she, or they will become familiar with your company, your usual needs, and your expectations, thereby streamlining service and response times.

We’re not complacent about our existing skills either. Everyone attends workshops, conferences, and qualifying sessions throughout the year—we’re the best and we want to keep it that way because you rely on us to do so.

The Best Leadership

And, of course, our three Senior Partners and two Directors watch over everything. They make certain that you get all the support you require to be successful. Even the best ship’s crew in the world will never arrive at its destination without coordination and direction from a great Captain and Bridge Crew!

Our Reputation

You rely on our professional integrity, objectivity and independence to produce reports and statements that are blithely accepted by international financial institutions and/or banks simply because they have the PushDigits name upon them. That is a huge advantage for you, shaving hours, days, or weeks off of schedules due to dubious, inaccurate, or incomplete submissions.

If you cannot rely on the people producing your financial reports, who can you rely on? These provide you with crucial understanding and subtleties about your own business model that may never have been revealed before—and knowledge is power in the world of business.

The Services You Need

  • Financial Analysis & Projections;
  • Company Setup and Financial Design;
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping;
  • Accounting Department Supervision;
  • Tax Consultancy (including VAT);
  • Feasibility & Viability Studies;
  • Enterprise-level Software Installation;
  • Software Training for your staff;
  • Audit Consultancy & Management (both Internal & External);
  • Pre-sale/Pre-amalgamation Company Valuation;
  • Virtual CFO Services, and more.

Calling the Experts

You probably don’t install new plumbing in your home, or install new electrical outlets. Expanding your residence by constructing a new room calls for filing forms, legal inspections, approvals, and for a specific set of skills (which most people generally lack). “There are people for that”, as the expression goes.

We at PushDigits are “the people for that” for your business Accounting and Financial Reporting needs. Expertise & Economy—what a combination!

  • We will faultlessly provide all of the taxation, auditing, accounting, assessment, or advisory services you need;
  • We will parlay our outstanding skills into your local, national, or international expansion & growth;
  • We’ll do it while saving you 75-90% of the costs ordinarily associated with such activities.

More importantly:

  • We’ll protect your information from being intercepted, and safeguard your privacy. Our ethics and technology assure that your data is secure and confidential;
  • All of your work is completed by highly skilled and qualified professionals. Our interns and inexperienced accountants never prepare final work—their task for the first few years is to learn the job perfectly, not generate income;
  • By using Artificial Intelligence (AI), all work is checked automatically. Anomalies are instantly brought to the attention of a real human being for a judgement call and resolution;
  • Our services are equivalent to having a complete department on your payroll, but without the cost. You can connect with us faster by e-mail, phone, or video-conference than trying to physically locate one of your own staff members. We make it easier!

The Takeaway

As more and more companies are implementing work-from-home strategies in response to the 2020 Pandemic, the idea of remote work has become a lot more palatable to the average business. Since the beginning of this century, more progressive companies have already been implementing the strategy because it simply makes sense.

Modern technology makes video-chats and teleconferencing easier, faster, and much more economical. Who in their right mind would voluntarily fly 12½ hours from London to Tokyo for a meeting and then repeat the flight to get back? It is completely unnecessary nowadays.

Remote work improves the quality of life for employees, reduces the environmental impact of people travelling to and from work, and reduces the overhead costs for the business. In the same way, outsourcing puts specialised work in the hands of highly trained experts who might otherwise not be available to that business, and saves a remarkable amount of capital to be used for company growth.

You’ll find talented people at PushDigits, and we would be delighted to show you how it works. Contact us and ask us some tough questions—you’ll be pleasantly surprised, and glad you did.