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Using the right tools for the job

It is inescapable — Bookkeeping and Accounting are essential requirements for any business. You have to know where the money is supposed to come from, when it will arrive, when (or why) it is delayed, where (and when) you need to send it to meet your own obligations, and what is going to be left over for your stakeholders, stockholders, and other vested interests.

Functioning without accurate, timely, and reliable financial information is impossible. It is one of the most important ways to monitor the performance of your company, large or small. Without it you cannot make sound business decisions.

At PushDigits, our professional, experienced, certified, and fully-qualified expert accountants are well-aware of this. They work ceaselessly to assure that the information you require is at-hand when you need it.

Our Professional Accounting Team supports you every step of the way. We are dedicated to satisfying your accounting needs and requirements, through providing you with completely customised packages. This includes all software and support integrated with our individualised accounting approach and system that meshes seamlessly with your business.

Your Business Has Grown

Small businesses grow and may even become Medium-sized businesses — it’s natural and expected when everything is running well. Suddenly, your volume is increasing; your accounts have doubled; the new plant is ready to come online…but your small business software is balky.

There is no set of rules that say when you should switch to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. You may be able to identify it, when it happens quickly enough.

Oftentimes, however, it creeps up on you, account by account, report by report. Data starts to get unwieldy — there is so much more of it than you have experienced before — and there are so many new data sources to track.

It starts to eat up your time because it just isn’t efficient enough to keep up with your needs. It demands more and more resources because all the sub-systems are too disorganised.

You find that the various systems do not talk well to each other, and do not present their data in a usable format, causing lots of manual labour, and the complexity can lead to mismanagement.

If you see this point approaching, then you need the automation and integration of data found in ERP software. If you are experiencing anything like this, clearly you have outgrown your software. It is time to update before the problems are unmanageable.

ERP Streamlines Everything

Instead of constantly switching spreadsheets to try to find the data you want, by consolidating your data, it becomes useful to all departments. You can track your supply chain, inventory, and projected demands all in one place. You know machine-loads and availability so you can guarantee delivery dates to your clients. Not only is accounting and bookkeeping enhanced, but every other aspect improves as the whole process gains efficiency.

The benefits of ERP are enormous. Human Resources (HR) can track productivity; Scheduling can organise downtime and maintenance cycles to minimise impact on production; Receivables knows about outstanding orders, and can negotiate with slow-payers before authorising Sales to hand them more products; Customer Relationship Management keeps Receivables apprised the same way as Sales so that you don’t keep digging yourself in deeper with a client that isn’t benefitting your company.

Accounting Accountability

There is not a single one of our accountants with less than five years of experience, and most have many, many more. We have carefully collected the best accountants (well over 50 now) from around the world, from many different jurisdictions.

Our reasoning is simple: Get the very best accountants available, pay them very well, and keep them busy. We love numbers and we love crunching them. By having a massive accounting and bookkeeping firm, composed of only the very best professionals, we can handle thousands of clients simultaneously.

This is why we can offer unbeatable prices for our services. They work for precisely as long as necessary and then move on to the next client. You are not paying for a moment’s more of their expertise than is absolutely necessary to accomplish your task.

Instead of you supporting an entire department (that is idle half the time), just to sustain one company, we collect international experts, all under one roof. The resulting expertise can answer any question, on any accounting, taxation, importing, exporting, trade zone, transhipping, or specific industry issue that can arise.

Our Expertise is Artificial Intelligence Supported

We use the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to constantly monitor all the ongoing work. It can instantly identify anomalies and notify a human being so they can make a judgment call. Imagine a traditional system that has an ongoing error at a cost of $1,000 per day going a month (or a full quarter) before it is caught! Our AI isn’t going to let that happen. AIs never sleep, don’t take coffee breaks, don’t have sick-days, and never press “3” when they intend “4”.

This might be a good time to ask yourself “Am I willing to trust my accounting to a company that doesn’t use AI to support it?” I think not…


In addition, we make sure your people know how to use the software. One of our client’s favourite features is the online learning tools and videos that allow someone who has forgotten how to do a simple task to quickly review it and carry on with barely an interruption to their workflow. People love the idea of experiencing no embarrassment for a memory lapse. Instead of spending time trying to figure it out alone, they can quickly find an answer and stay on track.


Of course, we are always here, 24/7/365, by direct video link for regular enquiries, with the free video conferencing software we supply. We guarantee that we will respond within 30 minutes or less to your text messages, too.

In fact, it would probably be more time-consuming to get on the elevator, ride down to the accounting department floor, and then find the person that could answer your question than it would be to connect with us directly. Plus with our available expertise, you’ll have your answer right away, and not have to wait for someone in your Accounting department to “get back to you”…

The Takeaway

Do you need more accounting power? Is it time to join the modern revolution and use outsourced services to become more efficient and to save money? In-house Accounting is passé, but we don’t suggest disbanding what you have. We can take over as each person retires or moves on. You keep your familiar faces and experts, and we provide unparalleled support to make them their very best!

Call PushDigits today and let us discuss how we can help you!