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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This new “Age of the Pandemic” will continue to change our perspective for years to come. Working from home is becoming the new normal, and outsourcing services is now more than just a viable option — it is becoming the new default way of doing business.

A surprising number of companies remain unaware of the advantages of outsourced accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping functions. Tax and accounting software consultancy functions extraordinarily well and saves an astonishing amount of money.

We have thus assembled these FAQs here to provide answers to the most popular queries. It should at least provide a beginning to the information you seek.  Of course, if any of your questions remain unanswered, contact us to chat with one of our experts.

No, PushDigits is solving a significant and persistent problem. The number of new companies continues to expand and employers are having trouble locating accounting talent to manage their affairs.  Young people are focused on the computer sciences, and far too few are interested in an accounting career.

Inevitably, local accountants are well-beyond normal capacity since there simply aren’t enough of them to go around; fresh graduates need some years to mature; and those that are ready can’t manage the steep volume of new businesses that require accounting services. Creative people are constantly opening bespoke-service businesses every year.

The world economy is altering to a small-manufacturer/service-based platform. The traditional large-manufacturer paradigm is headed for extinction. Meanwhile there will continue to be a large lag between graduation and sufficient experience to fill that gap.

Large accounting firms provide online accounting, bookkeeping, and related services for hundreds or even thousands of businesses but provision of such services through a secure server in the control of the business. Being a client of such an outsourcing firms gives you access to abilities and talents generally available only to massive corporations—it creates a level playing-field so you can compete with much larger companies.

Once a client is set up, an Expert Accountant’s skills are only needed for a short time, perhaps briefly each day, weekly, or even monthly. This means those same accountants can work on many different accounts, giving each account all the time they require, and providing extraordinary expertise for a fraction of the in-house cost.

By sharing one well-paid expert accountant with many companies, the savings can be passed along. This also eliminates all of the associated expenses of a fulltime employee, such as salary and vacation time, as well as providing office space, computers, phones, tablets, parking spots, or maybe even inter-office air travel.

Depending on your goals, you should look for a company with the expertise you need. For example, you will need 24/7 access if you deal with many times zones.  You’ll need a firm that is available on your schedule, whenever you need them.

If yours is an international business, you’ll need a company with expertise in foreign policies, tax laws, reporting requirements, and so much more. Unfortunately, except in extraordinary circumstances, your local accountancy firm isn’t going to be up to the task.

Outsourced accounting is extremely economical! You can achieve a savings of 75% over traditional solutions.

In addition, technological advancements have made cloud-based accounting services extremely secure—data cannot be intercepted. This leaves you free to benefit from an association with a huge firm with incredible resources.

PushDigits is internationally respected because we conduct so much transnational business. We are wholly familiar with international trade laws, policies, jurisdictions, VAT/GST, and general tax laws. We also understand regional oddities, such as the Free Trade Zones around Japan, China, the UAE, and many other geopolitical areas around the world. Transferring sea or air cargo free of duties is a huge advantage for businesses.

The diverse talents of our accountancy teams manifest themselves as the insight and knowledge to conduct business anywhere in the world. Our expertise is the foremost reason to choose PushDigits.

Typically, customers identify these as their favourite benefits:

  • Complete data confidentiality and security
  • Access to our skilled resources
  • Flexible pricing
  • Amazing cost savings
  • No infrastructure and administrative hassles
  • Transparency in operations
  • Increased efficiency
  • Quick turnaround time

Our clients rank from the smallest outfits, to SMEs, and on up to international corporations. Our customers typically have annual revenue up to $50 million, and represent a broad slice of the business spectrum. Our expert chartered accountants have experience in every industry, including investments, banking, trading, manufacturing, precious metals, real estate & Owners Associations, e-commerce, consulting services, marketing, petroleum, and much more!

We’re certainly not new to the business of international outsourcing and staying connected! To gain the upper hand over competitors we have created 24-hour communications, set up specifically so that we are available (free!) for direct video chats, answering 24 hours per day. We also respond to your messages within 30 minutes, guaranteed.

Unless you are married to your accountant, you cannot obtain that level of service locally. It would take longer for the CEO to ride the elevator down to the 9th floor and speak directly to the person they want than to open his or her laptop and pose the question directly to us.

We maintain high-efficiency with automatic reports to keep you up-to-date on the financial state of your company. Our 24-hour communications allow you to speak to us, face-to-face in video conferencing, any time of the day, and from anywhere in the world; to share desktops, or documents whenever needed; and to obtain answers within minutes.

We work all across the planet—including the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Oceania—wherever our clients are located. That is the advantage with virtualised accounting.  It isn’t dependent on borders or physical access. Our modern world requires that you transfer skills and knowledge and do away with moving physical objects.

Our security policies and procedures assure that all of the data, network, and workstations are bulletproof. We continuously enhance these security practices with the latest strategies.

Your data is safely stored on a secure cloud-based server, safe from hackers and miscreants. You don’t send data directly to PushDigits, in any case—we work on it in situ, where you are in control of who gains admission. All of the software which we supply is in your company’s name, with personal access codes that you set, change, or control.

You grant us access to work on your data. If you decide to discontinue our relationship at any time, you data will continue to be utterly private, and we would have no access to it.

We use this level of security to make certain that your data is unassailable. This means we use a PEV certificate (Premium Extended Validation) in tandem with 256-bit encryption, and SSL/TLS protocols. We also employ McAfee & TRUSTe monitoring and verification—the two most trusted industry criterions for data security.

To protect client data, banks use unassailable 256-bit encryption better than even modern RSA128-bit. Back in the Windows XP days, 64-bit encryption was completely adequate. Modern computers are now so powerful that such a code would stand up for less than five minutes.

Depending on the intrinsic weaknesses of a given algorithm, 128-bit has been cracked in less than five weeks, though it would ordinarily take much longer.  256‑bit would take years to crack. Cycling your encryption every month means that criminals have to start from the beginning again. It really is safe beyond belief.

No. In fact you will achieve greater control because your accounting records will be in order, which enhances your ability to run your business effectively. To ensure your control, we set it up so that you approve & authorise transactions, leaving only the administrative work to us.

It is primarily about getting high quality service and the expertise offered by a large accounting firm, but ultimately, it is about receiving work in a timely manner.

PushDigits‘ international reputation arose specifically because that is precisely where our expertise lies—in international rules, laws, and regulations. We stand apart because of the speed and responsiveness of our service provisioning. The expression 24/7/365 may be passé—but we take our job seriously—that of providing answers when you need them!

We promise a response in 30 minutes or less when you send a message. And we always meet the agreed timeline; it’s an integral part of why our customers love us. Typically, most requests can be answered within a day because of the enormous resources we can bring to bear on a problem.

Completion time, with regards to a specific project, depends on various factors like project type, size, complexity, and your timeframe. Once you provide us with details related to your requirements then we can inform you about the time that will be needed to complete your assignment.

Desktop-based accounting means that you’re restricted to data and interactions that are entirely local. That amazing tool, your Smartphone, becomes a paperweight when you’re desktop-based. You simply can’t stay connected to your accounting. Employing other tools like TeamSpeak might get you by, but that is yet another monthly expense—and frankly, a bit of a workaround—and we’re trying to save money for you.

Cloud-based connectivity means that you can conduct business while you are on the move. Wherever you have a data connection, you have the ability to conduct business, such as accepting credit or debit cards for payment, thereby significantly enhancing your cash flow.

Desktop-based also means that work must be done in one fixed place, while physically present. If you have a difficulty to be solved, your accountant has to come and look at the material on your computer, or you must copy records and transmit them to the accountant.

Cloud-based means everyone can look at the material at the same time, because it is on a central secured server. No matter where they are, sharing screens, pointing out flaws, and solving problems together is the better way.

Certainly! We’re experts at that sort of thing. We’ll transition you to the new programme, provide training for your users, and then confirm that everyone understands how it works. We’re always available to answer questions, plus we have explanatory videos online for review anytime you please on your way to becoming a true expert!

We are here, live, and available 24/7/365 so you can always reach out to us. If you send us a message, we promise to respond to you in 30 minutes or less.

Absolutely! Most jurisdictions in the world now employ VAT/GST (Goods & Services Tax). There are functional variations from country-to-country, but our software is more than capable of adapting to all the variations.

The software is intrinsic to how the operation works, so no, it is fee-free. It is all provided as part of your service package. And this includes the video-conferencing software so we can speak face-to-face when the need arises.

If you elect to terminate services, we will work with your staff over the next 30 days to manage handing over the complete data and information process. The process will be smooth and flawless.

To you, nothing appears to change in the process. The software that we supply at the beginning remains as your everyday accounting program. There is no transition or learning curve since you are familiar with it. You will enter your receipts as usual and carry on with all the other daily financial tasks of your business.

Of course, unless you possess the necessary skills yourself, you’ll be obliged to hire an accountant (or firm) to manage the invisible processes that happen beneath the surface. There will be larger time demands when doing it on your own or a significant price increase with a different company.

Absolutely! We use various accounting and ERP software for which we are certified and authorised, such as QuickBooks, Sage, Zoho, Tally.ERP 9, and Xero, of course! Of equal importance is taking advantage of the available Add-Ons for extended functionality. Plus, the software integrates with itself, one aiding the other, to enhance Human Resource (HR) integration, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration, Sales & Marketing integration, and much more.

In point of fact, Xero has over 700 add-ons that massively increase functionality. For example, you can (using only your smartphone) accept credit and debit cards, providing instant payment for service, enhancing your cash flow. All of these add-ons encourage you to completely customise your experience.

To welcome you aboard one of our firm’s major Partners arranges to have a lengthy video conference with every new client to discuss business requirements and company specific issues or requirements in detail. You’re not just an account number to us, or a file folder. This is our way to make a really good connection; so both parties can put a face to a name, and to make the experience more personal. We will handle your needs in an efficacious manner. We’ll make you glad that you chose PushDigits.

Our accountants and auditors are trained or certified by international professional associations such as the IRCA (International Register of Certified Auditors), IAASB (International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board), and follow the rigorous standards of the ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). Don’t worry—we’re much better than just “good enough”.

You will be co-ordinating with an Accounting, Tax, or Audit Partner (or an appropriate combination) based on your requirements, along with their support network. One of our team members and an Engagement Partner will always be available to answer any of your questions.

If your accounting was prefect in every way, you probably wouldn’t be visiting here. It might be a matter of overwork, retirement, maternity/paternity leave, or any number of things. We can help with that.

However, if there is a tiny contingent, or even a single accountant, who is handling all of your company’s financial needs, perhaps growth has pushed you beyond your limits. We can be a set of fresh eyes, and we’d be delighted if you would consider using our services.

Another consideration is simple attrition, of course. Because the replacement rate for accountants is so low in our current educational system, sometimes it is difficult to hire a replacement for retiring employees. PushDigits can provide the solution by outsourcing some or all of your accounting work.

That is a complex question, and the answer is predicated entirely on what services you are going to require. How big is your company? What is the volume of your business? How many employees do you have? All this impacts the number of employees that will be dedicated to managing your Accounting Service.

What is really important here is simply the knowledge that, generally speaking, your current costs will be reduced by about 75%. As always, the ideal solution is to speak directly with one of our experts for a thorough analysis. After they know the full picture they can give you a solid estimate, and it is entirely free. Give us just a little bit of your time and then we’ll show you how to begin saving money.

The Takeaway

This short FAQ addresses common questions regarding our audit, accounting and tax services. We can’t cover everything here, of course, so feel free to make contact with us via our live chat, by phone, or email. At PushDigits we have answers to all your most important questions!