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Feasibility Studies and Financial Projections

What it costs & what it’s worth!

Expanding a company is a balancing act. Is now the right time? Will the market move favourably if I wait or will someone swoop in and acquire something I need? Is it better to buy company “A” in its entirety, or would we and the stockholders be better served by acquiring a 25% share in company “B” and a 51% interest in company “C”?

Every time the notion to amalgamate arises, every time the markets suggests divestiture of an unprofitable segment, every time tax-strategy argues that a department might be better off as a subsidiary, that is the time for valuation. And, frankly, there are few better equipped to get you the level of precision you need with those numbers than PushDigits.

Sometimes these questions are cut-and-dried; usually they are a maze that has to be carefully navigated. These are the times where estimates and best-guesses simply aren’t good enough. It’s time to call the professionals; it’s time to call PushDigits.

It’s Complicated

You have a department that does a bang-up job and you certainly wouldn’t want to lose even a fraction of the talent present there. Unfortunately, it is so good at what it does that it is idle most of the time.

Finance wants to cut hours, or let some people go in order to save some money. Yet, the talent pool is so diverse that losing people would have repercussions throughout the organisation — everyone seems to be essential. What do you do?

By turning them into a subsidiary, you can contract work to them — the same work they’ve always done, and at the same cost — but now they can take in additional work from outside agencies. Your costs remain the same, but now this sub-division can turn that idle time into corporate profits.

Other Considerations

Naturally, it isn’t that simple. Making these changes requires you to consider Financial Restructuring, or even Corporate Refinancing, in order to make it possible.  Money doesn’t grow on trees!

As soon as that is settled, you still need to navigate the intricacies of Company Formation. And the minute that has been managed, each unit will require an internal (or external) audit to assure no details have been overlooked.

Do you think that is all? No, now you need to assess your tax position, recategorise profits and losses, and determine net values. All of this requires tax consultancy, system-wide audits, and more.

In the end, you achieve a stable, profitable, and more reliable system that new investors and stakeholders will be delighted to read about in your quarterly or annual report. In this instance, you redeployed assets, already at your disposal, for minimal cost, and turned it into a new revenue stream — and a bump in dividends — your stockholders are going to love you!

Information Drives Business

PushDigits has existed for more than two decades. We’re a World Class Accounting firm, acknowledged internationally for consistency, integrity, and accuracy.

Banks and financial institutions recognise our audits and financial reports on sight as utterly reliable, in any country of the world. They know that we give emphasis to the necessity of conforming to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Those that do not abide by IFRS will produce instruments that are inconsistent, irrelevant, and are not comparable with those produced elsewhere in the industry — and that reflects badly on the originating company. Don’t be a victim of their inexperience — stick with the professionals!

The Takeaway

PushDigits provides seasoned accounting veterans to address your financial needs. We are chock full of integrity, dedicated to accuracy, and provide personal service second to none.

We are available 24/7/365 via the included (free) video conferencing software, Instant Messaging, telephone, ChatBots, e-mail, or even traditional “snail-mail”.

Whenever you need us, we’ll be there. We even back that up with online videos and lessons when you just need a quick reminder about a process or technique. Our objective is to find solutions, maximise efficiency, and help you create your own success story.

We would love to hear from you, so give us a call and speak with one of our financial experts today. Let us show you how we can turn your pain-points into success stories!